The rains are here.  Leaves are done falling, the citrus harvest and olive harvest are finished.  Lamara’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is no longer dousing fresh salads but flavoring hearty soups.  It remains consistently good, always wholesome, and ever nourishing.  Instead of Iced Tea and Lemonade in the garden, we are drinking strong coffee and creamy hot chocolate by the fireside.  In what feels like no more than a blink of the eye, the year has reached its halfway mark and we have begun to reminisce on the passage of time.  The rains are revitalizing the soil so that new life will again be able to grow.  The winter months we associate with chill and darkness, just mean that soon we will again be blossoming in a new season.  Now is the time to enjoy the time of rest brought by winter.  Roast some veggies in Lamara’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and take a seat at a table with those you love, because even in this time there is joy.

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