Our Story

JM and Silva


"To create a sustainable project, with a focus on production quality with respect for both nature and the social community."

In 2010, Belgium-based entrepreneurs JM de Buck and Sylva Mannens fell in love with South Africa. With a career in business development, they decided to start in the Cape Peninsula in the real estate industry. Besides their passion for real estate, they wanted to commit to another integral part of South African culture: Farming. That is why, in 2015, they bought part of Two Rivers and “Lamara” was born.

They have started a long-term project in which they want to expand their farm activity systematically. Their vision is to create a sustainable project, where they can focus on the quality of the production with respect for both nature and the social community of which they are very happy to be part of.

As the farm lies in the Franschhoek valley, the high-end influences of the Western Cape lifestyle and culinary culture stimulates them to strive for high standards.

When JM and Sylva bought the farm in 2015, it was their vision to develop the beautiful land to its full potential, to restore its historical glory as a farm estate and breathe new life in the surrounding area.

Not only did they want to build an economically sound business model, JM and Sylva also wanted to pay attention to the ecological and social factors at play in their decision. That is why they have chosen three crops with a balanced need for water and different harvest seasons: lemons, olives and essential oil crops (rosemary & lavender). Due to this spread, they are able to minimize excessive use of water and provide a steady income to their core team of staff. In the future it would be their intention to further build on these three crops and create synergy products (such as lemon olive oil.)

The one thing Lamara wants to achieve, is to cultivate its 120 hectares, with both an ecological, sustainable and social mindfulness. Lamara is a young farm, hoping to achieve its full potential as an estate with a rich farming history.