What to expect at a Lamara olive oil tasting

What could possibly be better than savouring your favourite extra virgin olive oil with friends on the farm where the olives ripened in the sun? If you are a local or international visitor to the region, an olive oil tasting  at Lamara is a must for your next visit. Tasting, smelling and savouring the produce of the Western Cape region are highlights for many visitors to Franschhoek.

When visiting  the farm for an olive oil tasting, you can expect to learn, enjoy and be amused as you taste the flagship Lamara extra virgin olive oil blend. On arrival, you are warmly welcomed and then taken on a tour through the olive groves where you can experience everything from sun and air to soil texture by Justin, the Lamara Farm Manager. Next, you will sit down for a tasting experience in which your senses are heightened as you are coached on how to not only discern each oil’s unique aromas and flavour contrasts but also the intensity. You will learn to appreciate olive oil on a whole new level and be able to enjoy the finer qualities of premium products. Should you wish to buy a bottle or two for home use, you can do so at the conclusion of your visit.

All olive oil tasting are booked in advance and visiting hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00. Please contact marlene@lamara.co.za to make your booking. We look forward to welcome you with open arms at your next visit.

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