At Lamara, Spring means LEMON preparation time!

The bursting of new flowers announces the arrival of another season. After the lovely record high winter rainfall we had, the trees are thriving with new shoots and lots of flowers. It is the time of the year where happy workers’ voices and clipping sounds of secateurs echoing in the valley and bring with it a sense of joy and peace.

Lots of hard work lay ahead in the new season to produce another good export quality crop. Pruning, mulching, pest control, deep water fertilizer with high organic matter and feeding of trace elements would be our focus for the time.

At Lamara we strive to work on a natural sustainable way so our pest control will be done with our own Rosemary essential oil dilution. How the Rosemary essential oil works, it paralysis the pest’s nervous system by overstimulating and disrupting it. The Rosemary essential oil blocksair from the bug’s spiracles, preventing breathing and causing suffocation on contact. The odor of rosemary oil (which is pleasant to humans) has strong repellent properties. Any insect not sprayed directly will quickly leave the treatment area. When used regularly as a preventative treatment, rosemary oil works synergistically with the plant to ward off insects before an infestation occurs.

We are looking forward to the new season.

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