Pomegranate harvest at Lamara 2022

As the seasons again begin to change, we find that the month of Harvest has begun to lift its veil. March is, however, not yet over and there are still memories to be harvested.

At Lamara we work the land and harvest in turn what we have sown into this fertile soil. We want you to join in the splendor of our harvest. Come visit Lamara and harvest your own bag of pomegranates. We offer our Extra-Virgin Olive oil as an accompaniment to your harvested pomegranates, which should aid in giving flavour to nutrition and will help curb some of those March Holiday cravings.

A simple salad of pomegranate seeds with a drizzling of Lamara’s Extra-Virgin olive oil can not only boost your tastebuds, but your health. The health benefits of pomegranates and Extra-Virgin olive Oil are both intrinsically linked to cardio-vascular wellness which means you’ll be loving our products for years to come. Physical wellness is one side of the Lamara coin, but emotional wellness also comes into play. By incorporating Lamara’s extra-virgin olive oil into your diet, you are allowing yourself to experience the flavor of life without removing the goodness of healthy fats. A mental mood-booster if you will.

It is the final pomegranate harvest that fills our thoughts. The pomegranate harvest that has brought beauty and flavor to our month. As March closes we implore you to taste pomegranate and think of summer’s end not as something to be feared, but something to be celebrated, for each cycle brings with it new life. Harvest memories and flavor at Lamara before this season is completely closed.Pomegranates

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