Planting cover crops at Lamara to protect the bare soil

In the farmlands the arrival of May heralds in the sounds of tractors ploughing in the open fields after the first season’s rainfall begins. As soon as the moisture enters the ground, the tractor is taken into the fields to loosen the soil and remove any foreign bodies from the planting area. This prepares the land to be sowed so that planting season can get truly underway.

The first sign of life you may expect to see after the tractor has ploughed the bare soil, is perhaps a seedling breaking through, but life and farming are never that simple. At Lamara we are blessed enough to be well acquainted with the mascot of the changing seasons: Mushrooms. The beauty of mushrooms is their unconventionality. They grow from spores and thrive on decaying plant matter, bringing new life to what was once considered dead. As mushrooms begin to decorate the landscape at Lamara, we know that change has begun and we have entered a new season.

Once we have sowed, reaped, harvested, and enjoyed the fruits of a new season, the preparation for the next one begins. At Lamara we care greatly about sustaining the soil we have gotten so much from. By planting a cover crop we protect the land by ensuring that the soil is able to remain fertile in times of dormancy and beyond its seasons of use.

In May it is hard not to hear the sounds of tractors ploughing in your dreams, but at Lamara we know we are blessed to be so well acquainted with the sound of new beginnings.

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