Lamara’s sweet scents of Lavandin abrialis essential oil

At Lamara the air is filled with sweet scents of Lavender as February reaches its twilight. For as long as humans have roamed the earth we have used our senses to conjure emotions. Our Lavandin Essential oil is reminiscent of the fragrances that filled the air when Cleopatra stole Mark Anthony’s heart. It carries within its makeup centuries’ worth of hopefulness in a blossoming romance. February is a month of atmosphere and beauty, one in which we are allowed to shamelessly celebrate the love we share with one another, but also the love we have for ourselves.

Not only is the pure Lavender essential oil a romantic incentive, it also alleviates depression and boosts self-esteem after a long month combatting heart-shaped eyes and short-lived love stories. For us Lavender is the epitome of peace, tranquility, and of course love. Take a moment and escape from February with a drop of our Lamara Lavandin abrialis essential oil in a diffuser.  Please come and visit.

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