Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a carrier oil for essential oils

Essential Oils

100% Pure essential oils can be used in skin applications and massages, as an active ingredient in your cosmetic care, or in aromatic baths or diffusers.  For skin applications and massages essential oils should always be diluted in an oily medium before applying. Lamara extra virgin olive oil is the perfect carrier oil for essential oils.

The most popular oils used as carrier oils are the “lighter and neutral” oils like jojoba, argan, sweet almond or coconut oil.  But olive oil is a fantastic way to dilute essential oils and it has many benefits.

Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin E and vitamin K, and the polyphenol compounds of it neutralize free radicals, it reduces inflammation, protect the skin, and softens the skin.

It also seals in moisture to help keep the skin hydrated and improves blood circulation.  Lamara’s EVOO with its pleasant fresh peppery aroma pairs fantastically with our robustly scented Rosemary essential oil to give an invigorating aroma.

The question that we often get is, is oxygenated olive oil good to use?  Well, excessive oxidation of olive oil is an undesirable process that triggers a chain of chemical reactions that break down its oxidants and degrades its quality and value.  It leads to oil spoilage and the formation of sensory defects like rancidity.

How do one tell if olive oil is good?

Only buy extra virgin olive oil with the CTC EVOO seal from trusted producers and retailers.  Read the label’s harvest and best before date.  Remember extra virgin olive oil does not improve with age.  The fresher the better.  Light, heat and oxygen are the enemies of EVOO.  Use your oil and use it liberally.

How to dilute our Rosemary essential oil with our Extra virgin olive oil?  6 drops per 2 tablespoons of EVOO and then enjoy.

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