August: The celebration of Women’s Month and the start of Olive Oil Competitions in South Africa

August in South Africa is Women’s month and a celebration of the essence of those who encouraged us to adapt and change with the ebb and flow of history.

August is an important date on the South African olive oil industry calendar as producers enter their oils into local olive oil awards competitions.  This year Lamara will enter an olive oil competition for the first time in anticipation for good news.  Just as women throughout the ages weave our lives together with crimson threads of life and belonging, prepare nurturing food, full of flavor, different olive oil producing regions around South Africa produce mysterious tastes that delight the palate and feed the soul.

Women, like our bountiful olive trees,  continue to joyfully reward us with an overflow of life-sustaining resources from a source that seemingly cannot not run dry. And so, as birds in the Two Rivers valley continue to whistle and sing, and every fruit tree continues to bear fruit in its season, we celebrate the remarkable gifts from Mother Nature and every Woman who through her mere existence colours our lives with multi-sensory gifts and memories.

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