At Lamara we enjoy our autumn olive harvest and pressing

April is a significant month; the olive harvest is in full swing, and we celebrate Easter’s happy tidings and International Mother Earth Day.

As we all navigate through life thinking about the good and positive there is a humbleness and gratefulness when working with olives and the trees.  The Olive Tree represents peace, and it is a reminder of that which we must strive for in these uncertain times.

As we all go through a healing process with ourselves it reminds us about the process of making olive oil.  For the valuable golden liquid to come out from its fruit it must go through a process of pressure to the olive paste and the separation of the liquid oil and vegetation water from the solid material.  When celebrating International Mother Earth Day, we think about our olive trees and the oldest olive tree which is in Crete, Greece which is older than 2000 years which withstood good and turbulent times and we reflect on our relationship with Mother Earth that also needs to be healed.

At Lamara we focus on the purity of our extra virgin olive oil and its nutritional benefits, and we would like you to be part of it by incorporating our extra virgin olive oil into your household’s health and celebrations.

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